My Intention


I know what you’re thinking. Another hippie, tree hugging blogger talking about everything that is wrong with the world and how you can make a difference. Well, you guessed it, that is exactly what I aim to do. The only difference is that I wish to not only talk about the deeper, more critical, details behind the issues at hand, but give you all a stepping-stone path into saving the planet one minimalist act at a time.

My name is Caroline Van Tiggelen, an aspiring mechanical engineering student, an amateur photographer, a yoga student, a boulderer, a car enthusiast, a nature lover, a book reader, but, most of all, I am a minimalist lifestyle advocate. This lifestyle, while seemingly extreme, has a way of bringing light to the most important things in life. I feel as if minimalism, no pun intended, can be a very simple solution to many personal issues, and a very simple solution to even the most colossal dilemmas of the planet. As a student to the shifting world around me, I feel a moral responsibility to make the connection between minimalism and environmental degradation, in a public way, to make room for new ideas in a new direction of human, and technological advancement.

Throughout the course of a few years, starting with the creation of my first capsule wardrobe, I have slowly been finding ways to live more simply. Up until recently, I have started to take interest, as all modern men and women should, in the numerous tragedies taking place on our planet earth. From climate change (yes, its real) and other habitat degradations, to the exploitation of lesser developed countries and other human rights conflicts, modern day issues all stem from the simple acts of greed rooted in the human craving for innovation and bigger, better things.

Through the analysis of how, and why, these issues occur, I believe that it is easy to realize how living more simply can really turn things around. I hope that I will bring those that may not be cognizant of these issues awareness, as well as show them easy ways to make a difference throughout the act of living more simply. I also hope that I will encourage others to critically explore the issues of the world, and inspire those that may feel helpless, as I do, about these problems to believe that big changes always start in the smallest ways.